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To me Photography is a means to express my art. I therefore consider myself more of an Artist than a Photographer. I enjoy working with people and have enjoyed working with the Models you are about to see.
The process of creating these images was great fun. From creating the concept in my mind, to scouting various locations in different countries and Models, to the shoot and the work afterwards is a at times a long, but worthwhile journey I like to take. Most of it is great fun. 

The icing on the cake is the reaction of viewers on my work. always interesting to hear how people react to my work.

It's never a solo journey as I usually work with Models and others to get the pictures done. So a word of thanks to all the Models, stylists, advisers, scouts and others that have in some way participated in this work! You have so made my live that more interesting. I appreciate it. Thanks you very much!

All these images have and tell their own story. Some just because it was a first off for the Model (or me) and some because of the location and fun and sometimes because of the stress we had to get the picture. Not all locations are private and provide a relaxed atmosphere where we peacefully and quietly could do the work. We sometimes it was hit and run to get it done and get out of there. 

I will try to update the galleries every now and than so check back regularly. I hope you enjoy the work! Let me know what you think. I do appreciate it.

Mike Ross


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